STUDIO BASTILLE が背景画の創作活動をおこない15年間、
Created in 1984, Studio Bastille is a company that creates and rents backdrops.
The first rental agency of painted backdrops in Paris,Tokyo,Osaka
Our painted canvasses are used as decorative backgrounds.
They are used by Photographers, Advertising Agencies and Magazines, for film sets, decors, scenery, stands.
More than 1500 painted canvasses are available in France, Japan and Germany.
Studio Bastille has created a new department since 1997. "Photographic Backdrops Library"
Studio Bastille's unique photo reference library illustrates its complete selection of painted canvas backdrops.
After 15 years of creating painted backdrops, used by the greatest photographers,
advertising agencies and magazines in Paris and Tokyo
Studio Bastille now offers it's graphics to all professionals of communication.
Different images...
In fact, the originality of this photo library lies in graphics the fact that our photos
represent unique works painted on canvas.
We hope that this large and diversified choice realists scenes, trompe l'oeil and textures will please you.

36 Boulevard De La Bastille 75012 Paris
TEL:(33) 01 43 47 35 96
FAX:(33) 01 43 45 17 45
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